Looking to build a gaming system £1200-£2000

I like to know what you would build with money, i have 2 build's in mind which i will post when i get home from work.

don't need keyboard or other shit or monitor

also would 230mm fans fit in a phantom 820 more to point these fans 

Spectre Pro LED

wide budget because you don't have to spend the whole 2000 grand thanks in advance


edit:http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1crvy this is kinda what im looking at 

I'm from the US so I'm not too sure on the conversion rate, but that setup looks good too me. I'd wait for others input because I am experienced with Intel and nVidia platforms.

If I had £2000? 


I'll make a £1200 build too. 

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1cw1g £1200 build. 

Nope. 4GB 680s are overpriced, anu underpowered, that is a really low-end PSU, the RAM is inceredibly overpriced, the HDDs have a 30% failure rate, the motherboard + CPU are a generation behind (just like the 680s), and the H100i is overpriced.

Ok GPU criticism accepted, I was going off the review tek synidcate did. The PSU is Gold Plus? I mean whats wrong with it. It has enough wattage and its modular. The RAM can be OC like crazy, I would have gone with some standard vengence but why when you can get the extra performance.  Seagates and Western Digitals have around the same failure rates, either of the 2 brands are generally fine. I was disapointed with haswell, it doesnt bear much improvenment over 3rd generation cores and i'd still prefer a i5-2500k over either ivy bridge or haswell i5's. If you get an air cooler in that case it really messes up the air flow with fans basically pointing air everywhere. 

Maybe make a build for him instead of pointing out flaws in other peoples suggestions. If it is better then surely the benificiary will recognise such and go with yours? 

Look, I have a 4GB 680. It's not worth it. Still a fantastic card, but not worth it. I'd personally get a 780 to eliminate the issues with the SLI setup, such as microstuttering, 

The efficiency is not the only thing that matters in PSUs. EVGA PSUs are hit or miss; the QC can be quite terrible, or good. Modularity only matters if you are cable sleeving. A semi-modular PSU is fine for a majority of people. Were it me, I'd get a Seasonic X 650 for dual 680 4GBs, for the cable sleeving options, but it isn't necessary. The ripple of the EVGA PSUs isn't bad, but it isn't shining either. The Lepa G650, Seasonic X 650, and/or Rosewill Capstone 650 M are going to be better in almost all ways for price/quality/efficiency/ripple.

Seagate, as a brand, is fine, but brands are irrelevant; it's the OEM that matters, the actual product. Seagate Barracudas are cheap, and made cheaply. 30% failure rate? Not worth it to me. Who needs 4TB of data anywaay? I'd get a 512GB SSD instead of a 128GB SSD and 4TB of HDDs.

Ok I admit to ignorence over PSU's, I put together something a little more "new" lol. 


Had to use 770's to avoid overspending. Alternatively you could go with one 780. I mean who really needs two lol.. Then you could get a lower wattage PSU as well. 

Is this to your taste lol? :P



I think you've got a nice gaming and editing rig, with the 8350. I thought I would throw in a cheaper Intel option. It's just to give you the intel flavour. I've not included your preferences, like the Phantom.

My main reasoning is that £2000 is fine for an editing rig, but a bit over the top for gaming.

It is a toss up between the 7970 and 770. I would choose the 7970 for myself, just because it comes with a great games bundle. Again, I am just showing other options.

Between the CPU and GPU in your build and my build, they are equal in gaming performance.

If you want to blow the whole 2k on a gaming rig, include a 1440p monitor (or some other display configuration) and a GTX 780. Maybe consider the X79 platform for editing.

That PSU is 700W too large for that system.

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1cxsh (fixed) 

That was mistake lol. 

Still really large for only dual 770s. 650W to 750W max.

what! berserker not a xfx PSU? ;)

The ax760i platinum was chosen, because there was just too much room in the budget to not have it. Great for dual cards. Otherwise, it is pretty overkill.

thanks for all the input

what im stuck on is if i have a 100hz lcd tv will it run at 100fps or still at 60fps

also alot of you went with air coolers insted of liquid, can i still achieve a high overclock with with air.

im still unsure what to get http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1cOoq 4770k  780

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1cOpZ 4770k 7970 ghz

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1cOqE 4670k 7970ghz

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1cOra 4670k 780

or stick with the 8350 option

on side note with all the new stuff would i be able to use the CPU i have now AMD Phenom II X6 1035T 2.6ghz

That CPU will bottleneck I believe. The intel options with Haswell are really nice and have all the new mobo's. The haswells are also quite a bit more powerfull than the AMD's 8350. Dont be carried away by the 8 cores at 4GHz vs 4 cores at 3.5GHz. Theres a lot more to a CPU than cores and GHz's, generally speaking intel makes them better.

The new 780's are really nice but even some older ones are just as good.   

I managed to squeeze a Titan in this. Something to maybe consider. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1cOU2

All-in-one liquid coolers aren't anything to shout about, to be honest. You can get a similar overclock with air, for much less money.

When I first started configuring systems, I had the notion that air could not surpass those AIO coolers. They're not worth it. If you want liquid, get a custom loop. You can build a pretty beast custom loop inside that NZXT chassis.

Whatever platform you decide to go with, they are all good for gaming. I would advise going with the cheapest, as long as you can find a solid motherboard. the i5 performs equally well with the i7 in gaming. The i7 is more of an editing CPU. However, the 8350 can do everything, at a lower price. AMD motherboards aren't very strong.

The graphics card you choose should fit your display. Your display can act like a bottleneck. I'd like to see a little more information on that. If you could give us the model number?

The 780 is recommended for surround displays (3 monitors), high resolutions (greater than 1080p), or high refresh rates (120-144Hz). I'm very unsure of the "tv" you've mentioned.

I had a similar budget to you, and I was able to purchase a 780, a 1440p monitor, and an i7 4770k. I think you need to think carefully about how to allocate your funds. That is a rather expensive chassis. The fans can be purchased later, and most of the fans mounts are already populated. A lot of money could be saved in your configurations.

i think this is my tv http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toshiba-37XV635DB-37-inch-Widescreen-Freeview/dp/B00220TIY0#productDescription but i'm not 100% on that as i am at work 

Well, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that a PC monitor would look better than a TV. Especially when the TV is 37" and 1080p. The pixel density becomes stretched, and it looks grainy and not so fine. 23" is the sweet spot for 1080p, in my opinion.

You have a really large budget. I think you can incorporate a massive overhaul here. You could even include a 1440p monitor. These are just examples:





Both builds include an SSD, when you install Win8 on that thing, it is crazy fast.

It will boost your gaming load times, too. It is a much better investment than a 3TB HDD. You can always add additional HDDs later. There's a 1TB included, should be enough for your initial uses.