Looking to build a full 4K streaming home NAS. Need help figuring out what parts I need

I’ve got an old QNAP NAS that plays regular 1080p files no problem but 4K not so much. Looking to build a NAS capable of streaming large 30-70 GB 4K files without constant buffering. I wan’t to use plex if possible but I don’t want to transcode video and lose quality.

How much CPU power do I need and does anyone have any recommendations on CPU? Should I go Micro ATX or Mini ITX? Are there any feature I need the MoBo to have? Any Case recommendations? I already plan on using a 3060 Ti as the GPU. Thanks for the help in advance.

I’d personally go Micro ATX, as then you can add in a HBA if you want more SATA ports (or want some SAS ports), or you could add in a faster network card.

Totally depends on your space requirements otherwise.

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