Looking to build a budget pc $700-$800

Looking to build a budget gaming PC.

This will include all components including peripherals.

Likely siding on amd/ati parts.

Likely a full sized atx case.

Mechanical keyboard is a must.

get a r9 290x(300) with a 8350(150) with the cheapest mobo you can find and a 50 dollar case 50 dollar hhd 50 dollar on ram(black friday) 50 dollar psu (i have a 550 for my r9 290x and 8350) so now you are at 650 and then go buy a 50 mecanical keybord (you dont need it for entry level gaming so my advice spend it on a ssd or some games) and stop saying ati because it is amd

my advice would be to save up... the keyboard... even the cheapest mechanical ones are around $80... $50 for a good-decent mouse... $120 for a monitor... so you really want a $550 PC... which is the bare minimum to include a dedicated graphics card and borderline for just get an APU... (and that's not including the OS)

btw... if you get a 8320 or 8350... for God's sake do NOT buy the CHEAPEST MOBO YOU CAN FIND.... you really need $600 at bare bones to throw into the PC hardware to get something you'll be reasonably proud of...

you can build a PC for less that that, but it will suck :P

Well I tried.


Lots of money going into periphs.  Not sure if you need a headset/speakers or not.  This should be an ok starting point, though.

To OP ... if you are serious  ... then get serious ... a decent gaming PC with all periphs on this budget is unrealistic ... especially if not in the US ... parts else where tend to be more and not as avalable. just the box is pushing a decent build. We can throw crap at you all day long ... (sometimes we want to) ... but if you are like me  ... you do not want crap hitting you in the face. And to expect things like mechanical keyboards that are worth a dam is ridiculous in this tight budget. 

EDIT ... if this is to be just a web surfer or just a homework PC ... I apologize for my outburst ... but if this is to game  .... you get a wag of my finger and a shake of my head.  lol

Not much info to begin with:

  • what games do you want to play?
  • at what resolution/framerate?
  • do you have any parts/an OS you can re-use?
  • preferences regarding the peripherals? (those are very personal and shouldn't be picked randomly/by price by a stranger) same goes for the case
  • what peripherals do you need exactly? (optical drive, headset, mouse pad,...)
  • how much storage do you need? do you want an ssd?
  • when do you plan to upgrade? do you even want to upgrade it in the future?

and so on....

I gave it a try too, just for fun. It's a bit over the limit because I went for a 270X 4GB, 2TB drive and 24" display. Didn't include an optical drive and OS.


I would suggest that you expand your budget a bit more and get some nicer peripherals. Or save even more for a better CPU/GPU.