Looking into setting up either a Multi-seat or Multi-user system. Advice?

The company I do IT for has a couple Student computer labs on site and we keep having problems with the lab hardware. So, we have been bouncing around the idea of setting up a server that would run the OS and we would have several dumb terminals that auto connect to the server and provide a guest user login to the DE.

We are trying to figure out which method to go with. Either the Multi-seat which would require a GPU for each terminal or a more tricky setup using the Multiple ports on a GPU. Or a Multi-User type setup with PXE-booting. Still providing GUI DE interface for the users and auto-logging them into the OS.

I want to get you all's advice on this as well as a decent server and terminal hardware suggestion. The company can be cheap at times. For example, one of the problems we have been having is students walking off with computer mice or getting angry and smashing the AIO computer screen. (I of course have advised against AIOs but it falls on deaf ears at corporate). Corporate wont put in security cameras so..... yeah. Another benefit of doing this would mean the hardware replacement cost should be much lower since all we would have to potentially replace are monitors which can be had pretty cheaply. If it could be setup to include some inexpensive IP cameras that can be setup to use a motion activation that we can put in the corners or something to potentially help catch the culprits, that would be great.

I dont know how many more years I will be at the company so I want to get them setup right.
My current DE of choice is gnome 3. And my current Distro of choice is Fedora 23 Workstation or Chapeau 23 (based on Fedora 23)

Oohhkeyy... your biggest problem seem to be the students? - for multi seat system, I have not done it myselve but I heard that USB monitors work.

So how about the Monitor, mouse and keyboard beeing USB and that hooked up to a USB to ethernet converter, so all the maniacs (aka students) can touch is cheapo. The USBtoEthernet thingies I would put into metal boxes that are bolted to the desks and locked -> the USB cables are locked in place and thus the mice at least wont get stolen, as with the monitors (add kensington locks) ... so left is the vandalism... which can only be countered with metall housings and ATM like Keyboards O.o

im thinking about having maintenance ubolt the k/b and mice down to the tables.

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