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Looking Glass Website/Documentation

Is anyone here interested in maintaining/updating the Looking Glass website/documentation? I am simply finding I don’t have the time, or when I do, it’s one of those jobs I really hate doing.

I am considering setting up a wiki (not github wiki though) for this purpose but I will need some people that are really familiar with all the nuances of setting up/configuring LG.

I, of course, will be fully willing to contribute to updating/maintaining the information where I can, but as far as how the content is organized willing to step back and give the reigns to someone else.

Things of note:

  • I would like the wiki to cover the main distros as well as possible.
  • I will be providing the hosting and server management, so I am open to suggestions on what Wiki/Software to install/use provided it’s FOSS Linux based, preferably also PHP but I am open to other suggestions.
  • The main LG website will remain, but instead of documenting things directly there it will link to the wiki for documentation/faq, etc.

It might also be an idea to ask @Wendell if we can have a new section created on this forum specifically for the LookingGlass community, especially since we have ended up with a single long thread for LG support/triage that is a nightmare to troll through for information.

BSD License:

MediaWiki uses GPLv2+

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MkDocs is nice but it doesn’t allow for easy community contribution as a Wiki would. The only way this could work is if people were willing to work with a git repository and so many people are not.

Yup, this is very likely what I would use at this time, however before any decision is made I figured it’s best to ask and see if anyone knows of anything better suited.

At work we use Redmine to track bug reports, sprints and documentation; probably overkill for you though.

I remember also using dokuwiki at some point - really easy setup.


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Done. #software:lookingGlass


I have setup a MediaWiki installation and we will see how it goes.

What would you say is the current state of Lookingglass as far as stability of implementation goes? Any major changes coming along in the short term that would render a guide written now obsolete?

From the external perspective I don’t forsee any guide breaking changes.