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Looking Glass - Triage



If you want to use libvirt it will continue to place the video device in there. Disabling it in device manager inside the VM is sufficient for the looking glass host to work appropriately. If you move to qemu directly for the VM you do not have to have a video device.
Me personally I just disable the device in device manager, as its simpler for me managing multiple machines through libvirt.


and you do have a monitor or dummy plug attached?


When I tried to run a game in fullscreen or borderless fullscreen I get a [stream paused] for about one second. After this is gone I can see my mouse moving again but the rest of the screen is frozen. I restarted the client but now I have a black screen but can still see my mouse.


Is there any way to solve cursor getting misaligned? I switch between looking glass frequently and it often become unaligned for various reasons. It is quite annoying…


Some changes are in the works to help with this for the next release.


Over the last few days I have started messing around with streaming to Twitch from Linux, via Looking Glass

if anyone is interested I have a unignie benchmark running over here using the latest experiemental build of LG

OBS is running on a Linux VM, capturing the Windows VM and encoding in hardware on the Vega

I am going to start streaming some of my game play with my mates, so if people are interested to see how LG performs day to day, feel free to subscribe

you might even get the odd bit of programming/dev

Edit: I am streaming at a higher bit-rate then Twitch recommends, please let me know if you get an error when trying to stream.