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nier automata seems to be a problem child regardless


You just wait until the unoptimized mess that is Monster Hunter World… You gotta have a Threadripper CPU to run that bare metal.


what does that have to do with anything

also unoptimized code wouldn’t benefit from multithreading


You were talking about games with bad performance…


Could we +r the #lookingglass channel? There’s been a crapton of spam on freenode the last few days.


Ill have a look, I have been too busy to be active on IRC recently.

Edit: done. Also +n to prevent external messages.


Hey I’m having trouble finding any information on this. Is it possible for looking glass to display 4k. I remember seeing a level 1 video where Wendell talks about it. But i have been searching for it and cant find it feel like i might be making it up haha. I remember it being something to do with memory speed.


Yeah, higher resolutions need optimization for the memory copy to reach higher framerates. It can also be hampered by insufficent GPU resources in the guest for DXGI to capture the full framerate.


As of this now i have a vega64 in the guest and a gtx970 in my host. my ram speed is 2133 MT/s. The UPS number goes up to 30 in games i don’t mind that i goes between 40 and 60fps. But it feels incredibly lagy. I take it the UPS number is to do with lag. would faster ram speed fix this. I heard that ryzen has faster memory coping or something. i might be talking a load of rubbish though. The joys of cutting edge software haha. If there is hardware i can get to fix this i would since I’m upgrading my pc soon.


Aright that’s fair enough. Must have just dreamed it was possible on my pc haha. Will keep an eye on this thread now for updates. BTW thanks for making this software!


Jesus that expensive. Maybe you could find some sort of a linux whale that will buy that for you haha. Hopefully at some point some graphics card manufacturers jump on and help you out. But i doubt they would put in the resources or risk leaking some of there code. I wish I could help but I’m still a novice when it come to programming.


Yeah, it’s pretty specialized equipment, thus the price. Some vendors have already jumped in to help, such as Sapphire who donated a VEGA to the cause, and Gigabyte who donated a Motherboard.


did you ever hear back about that vBIOS reinit fix btw?


@gnif I don’t know if the right place to provide feedback would be here or on github, but there’s something that I can’t explain going on. I have this same behavior running both a11 or latest git version, matching client and host programs.

For screen size, I have tried it in both programs using 1920x1080 and 2560x1440. The behavior is the same, except 1080p sees 40%ish less utilizations

After a while, looking-glass-host starts to use an ungodly amount of gpu power. If I restart both Host and Guest, GPU % is around 8% for 60fps. Then, I still haven’t been able to pinpoint it, GPU utilization goes up to 30% for Looking glass, completely killing any gaming.

Running on ThreadRipper 1950x, I think the only virtual hardware is the keyboard, everything esle has been passed through. Host and Guest running 1080s. Also, all numa node assignements are correct (0 numa page misses).

I don’t expect an answer, but if you come up with any ideas, let me know.


A11 has some high cpu usage issues that have been fixed, please wait for A12.


Not yet sorry


ah, shame

not gonna pester you about it, just hmu if you find anything. We’re getting amd cards to test on our own and having somewhere to start would help loads


Hi, I have a question about SPICE integration.

I managed to set up VM with usb pass through. Looking glass works excellently. However, I would like to use SPICE for control in order to only have one set of keyboard and mouse.

As far as I understand SPICE requires QXL graphical device. However, using QXL will override your GPU. Virt manager that I use does not allow to remove QXL device if SPICE display is present.

Is looking-glass-host acting like SPICE server? or am I missing some configuration?


evdev is probably a better option. does the same thing without messing with qxl or risking anticheat triggers:


Do what tkoham said. The way I run it is: launch looking glass without spice integration (-s flag) and have virt-manager running in a hidden desktop window. virt-manager automatically passes through my usb headset/pulseaudio, so I don’t really to do anything besides open it to get sound.

The sound is perfect btw, not a single weird noise coming from it with qemu-3.0.0-rc2