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Looking Glass Questions & Alternatives

How would one use looking glass to switch between VMs (that are using GPU passthrough) if you want to use only 1 display and 1 keyboard? I would like to be able to switch between VMs using the keyboard without any noticeable latency.

I was thinking this would be more of an “extra hardware” application - where you plug in your GPUs outputs into another card, which has some OS software to switch between them and is connected to only one display. However, I have heard about SR-IOV, but haven’t researched it yet.

Thoughts on the optimal method for this?

Looking Glass does allow what you are asking for as a software solution, it behaves just as any other application once it is setup. Think VNC but with hardware acceleration.

For how to setup Looking Glass please see:

Thanks. I’m hoping for a non-software solution. Does SR-IOV allow for 1 screen, 1 GPU per OS, with no latency + switching between VMs instantly via keyboard?

Most SR-IOV GPUs don’t have any outputs at all, they are designed to use a solution like Looking Glass to obtain the frame buffer. SR-IOV still requires a software solution.

DirectGMA on AMD’s enterprise GPUs is another non software solution that you could look into.