Looking glass, qemu/kvm, and a windows application

Hey guys.

I’m currently running Manjaro with an AMD gpu and using VMware to use a windows program.

I game solely on Linux for 99% of games and just switch OS’s when I can’t game on Linux, but when I’m working I need a single art related windows app which is why I use VMWare, but I have been having performance problems with it.

I’m thinking of getting a second GPU, changing to qemu/kvm and using looking glass along with a passthrough of my Wacom hardware and replacing vmware with this. I’m looking to get a 710 gt for the second card. My question is does anyone foresee a problem with this strategy? I want to use the Windows application as a Window in Linux and not dedicate hardware running through the gt 710, and I don’t need a strong graphics card for gaming or anything, but are there any gachas with the green team choice for the windows guest with my amd host or anything like that?

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