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Looking Glass - No Mouse/Keyboard unless I switch GPU Input

I created a VM with a GPU pass-through and can connect with Looking Glass to it but when i do the mouse and keyboard do not work unless i physically connect a monitor to the passthrough gpu (not the gpu connected to the host). Only then does it allow me to ScrLk and interact with the guest.

With the monitor unplugged ScrLk works (i know it works because the host loses it’s mouse) but the mouse is not visible and cannot interact with the guest. I’ve tried everything in the FAQ wiki page.

Reading through the support forums it appears this is happening when the VM has a tablet device connected but I don’t see it listed. Here are the devices i’ve currently got installed:

  1. General (CPU, Mem, Boot, etc…)
  2. Mouse (cannot remove this)
  3. Keyboard (cannot remove this)
  4. Display Spice (i believe i needed to add this so i can send mouse/keyboard events to the VM.
  5. Channel Spice (i added this per the FAQ page)
  6. PCI GPU (pass-through video)
  7. PCI GPU (pass-through audio)
  8. Video Cirrus (will not let me remove)
  9. Controller USB 0 (created by VM)
  10. Controller SATA 0 (created by VM)
  11. Controller PCIe 0 (created by VM)
  12. Controller VirtIO Serial 0 (created by VM. will not let me remove)

I have also installed Spice Guest Tools on the guest.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


That’s because the capture process is hanging when you disconnect the monitor, the GPU needs a physical monitor attached, or a dummy plug.

Thanks. What do you recommend with a 2 monitor setup? I prefer to have both monitors on the host.

At this time LG doesn’t support multi head capture.

As for the output, you could also use a secondary input on your monitor if you have one, or get one of these:

Ok thanks!