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Looking glass keyboard/mouse

I’m new to looking glass. Does it require I pass through a 2nd mouse and keyboard or use a kvm? I am looking for seamless function like vmware workstation.

no. Looking Glass supports sending inputs over a spice channel.

You can use the mouse and keyboard from the host is via spice and looking glass or a second pair of inputs or a kvm device. Depending on your usecase and expectations regarding response times each method got pros and cons. For example spice might not be the best solution if you are into competitive shooters where every milliseconds counts - but it’s for sure the most non-intrusive for workflows which need many switches between host and guest os.

It might not be needed, but I passed a USB socket through to my VM.
Mouse is plugged into keyboard, which I can plug into host or guest ezpz :slight_smile:

The spice input latency is better then USB passthrough and on par with evdev, espesially if you are using the PS/2 virtual mouse device as it uses interrupts to signal updates as opposed to software polling.

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I too am doing a VFIO build, it’s progressive though.

I was thinking of using a software called Synergy but all I’m doing on windows is gaming, so I wonder if it’ll be better to use a KVM instead?

Rather than synergy, maybe check out Barrier?

But I would say try spice first, if unsatisfied, pass keyboard through. Then maybe a USB controller, then Barrier/synergy.
Then a KVM.
That way you are using what you have first, in which case a separate bit of hardware may be unnecessary