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Looking Glass in KMV / Qemu

Is it possoble to “install” Looking Glass server in KMV / Qemu module and Looking Glass client in the linux host?

My goal is to have a graphically accelerated console from a VM with a GPU passthrough which does not rely on installations.

No, it’s not possible.

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Is it an idea for future developments?

It’s not feasable at all.

I don’t use it, but I get the impression that LG shares the frame buffer/memory from a graphics card / graphics stack running on the guest, to share with the host.

This requires a guest OS running on order to have a graphics stack (or whatever) and a memory region to copy to the host.

I could be well off, but it is not something that would work stand alone at all, not even in the future.


(and I’m happy to be corretcted)