Looking Glass idea... In reverse? Poor mans SR-IOV?

First, I want to admit that my knowledge of Looking Glass is fairly superficial, however I really like the concept in what it does so I’m completely open to the fact that I’m ignorant of many of the technical details so please bear with me for a moment.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a use case for Looking Glass as it currently operates since I run my VM servers headless, but it did give me a glimmer of an idea. As I understand it, Looking Glass allows you to share video memory between two discrete GPUs in a way that you can display multiple VM outputs on a single monitor possibly using separate OpenGL windows or similar technology?

I imagine it might be difficult for this technology to be utilized in reverse, to present fake virtual GPUs to multiple VMs that would draw video routines to a single real GPU using discrete OpenGL workspaces and be accelerated by that hardware? Sort of a poor mans SR-IOV?

Anyway, just a random thought I recently had. Perhaps it will start a discussion.

Looking Glass doesn’t even get close to approaching that level of complexity.

In simple terms all we are doing is running a screen capture process and instead of saving the stream to disk, or compressing to send over the network, we store it into shared RAM.

There is no way to perform what you are looking for without real SR-IOV support.

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Thanks, it was just a vague idea. Don’t know until I ask. :slight_smile:

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Parsec gaming

However if you wanted to host off of OSX or Linux, you can go fuck your self as i have yet to find any low latency solution like parsec that lets you host of OSX or Linux. No Machine at lets you host of windows 7. (parsec only hosts off windows 8.1 or 10)

What does this have to do with the OP?

Looking Glass has partial Linux support at this time and OSX wouldn’t be that hard to add, it has been designed with multi platform support in mind.

woops wrong thread, thought this was the one talking about remote possibly over UDP / TCP/IP or maybe i’m confusing several threads. don’t mind me, my brain has melted.