Looking Glass Icon Design

Hi All,

We are almost there finally! Looking Glass is about to see it’s first official Beta release! But before i do so there is one final thing I would like to see make it into the Beta which I would like to call on the community here to help out with.

One of the new features of B1 is the host application now has a system tray icon. Since I am no artist, for now I have simply scaled down a screen capture of the splash screen to a little ico. While this works, it’s rather ugly.

I am looking for an artist that would be willing to design the icon for Looking Glass to be used both on the host and client applications. If you decide to help me out with this there are several things you need to know first:


I am looking for people that are passionate about Looking Glass and want to give of their time to the project to support it, I am not trying to reward artists by offering exposure of their work (although they will get full attribution). Some might consider this “spec work”, and if you feel this is the case then that’s entirely up to you if you wish to contribute.

At the end of the day, you have been fully informed and it’s your decision if you would like to submit artwork for consideration.

This will need to be provided in several formats.

  • SVG for future use should it be needed elsewhere in other resolutions.
  • ICO with 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 versions of the icon.


  • Nothing obscene, no profanity, etc…


Since this is to become part of the project you will need to be willing to give ownership of the artwork to the LG project allowing it’s use in commercial settings should LG ever be bundled with a commercial project and/or be used for advertising.

What will you get out of this?

  • Bragging rights of course! :slight_smile:
  • You will also be listed as the artist of the icon in the project’s root README.md with my personal thanks for your contribution.
  • A good feeling for helping out an open source project :slight_smile:
  • My eternal thanks :slight_smile:

Final Selection

Since there may be multiple submissions I will create a shortlist of my favourites and setup a poll to decide on which icon will be used. The close date for submissions is yet to be determined.