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I think it crashed, would there be a way to automatically restart it after it has crashed?


What crashed? the host program, the ivshmem server?


The host program crashed.


At this time we are avoiding auto-restart code so that we see the errors for tracking down faults.


I seem to have found the same issue on the synergy software:

My guess is the same fix needs to be applied to spice?


No it is not, syngergy works completely differently to spice. SPICE injects hardware events into the virtual machine, Synergy hooks windows and injects DLLs, they couldn’t be more different.


It still has the exact same issue though, I just thought that would be useful so you can understand better what the issue I’m having is


Mouse and keyboard input through LG is very low priority, our focus is on frame sync at this time. In the end it doesn’t matter how well I understand the issue, SPICE is not looking glass, it is QEMU code. We are a SPICE client, if QEMU is not working correctly you need to follow it up there.


Now that I have it working, I just have to say that this is incredibly cool. Thanks so much.

Conceptually, can it selectively support more than one (asymmetric) display?


Having an odd issue where the looking glass client doesn’t show the courser unless I click somewhere and it’s not controllable where it ends up…


Please share the client log.


If you are running from git head please note that the option parsing has changed to support per renderer options in preparation of multiple renderers in the future.

  • mipmap -m swtich has been relocated into the opengl renderer
  • vsync -v switch has been relocated into the opengl renderer

You can obtain a list of options by running, -o list for example:

./looking-glass-client -o list

Renderer Option List

      mipmap - Enable or disable mipmapping [default: enabled]
       vsync - Enable or disable vsync [default: enabled]

To use these options the format is as follows:

-o opengl:vsync=0 -o opengl:mipmap=0

All renderer names and option names are case-insensitive. Boolean (true/false) options understand the following values:

  • 1
  • 0
  • true
  • false
  • yes
  • no
  • on
  • off
  • enable
  • disable

As with switches, the last option will take precedence. For example, the below will have vsync enabled:

-o opengl:vsync=0 -o opengl:vsync=1


People that are having problems with low performance please checkout the latest version from GitHub and try the new OpenGL-Basic renderer I have just added. It has been reported to perform better on certain older or lower performance hardware. Be sure to run make clean before building.

To use it specify the new -g option which will force it’s use:
./looking-glass-client -g OpenGL-Basic

To confirm it is in use check the output for:

Trying forced renderer
Using Renderer: OpenGL-Basic


Is there a way to hold right click without hitting the edge of the screen in the host? with spice. I have this problem in MMORPG’s where you control your camera with right click hold. Currently using evdev passthrough to get around this. Mouse acceleration is turned off in the guest.



Awesome work man ! I’m still having some chopiness with games.

I’ve got the same speed with both OpenGL renderer.

Every game run at about 20-30fps on the looking glass client, and 60 fps or more on the plugged monitor.

Host :
1920x1080 screen
Archlinux (kde)
CPU : 8700k (2/6 cores)
GPU : IGP Intel® UHD Graphics 630
Using modesetting driver.

Guest :
2560x1440 screen
Windows 10
CPU : 8700k (4/6 cores)
GPU : nvidia GTX1070

Some looking glass client logs :

A simple exemple is the g-sync pendulum demo. I can’t have more than 26 FPS.


Hit Scroll Lock


These are not client logs from Looking Glass, what are they?


I thought it was. Kwin crashed after I launched looking glass, it might be related.


Will eGPUs work with Looking Glass? Those external GPUs connected to the computer over AMD Xconnect Technology or Thunderbolt 3.


Also, I think the project name should be changed to “Mirror Glass” or “Peeking glass”, etc. There are already several projects, companies and websites out there including Looking Glass in the name.