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Thanks, no change in behavior with A6 nor A5. You’re getting further than me though – I don’t get the “starting session” message in the client log until I close it.


Try recompiling your host’s looking-glass-client


Sorry I didn’t read that. I am having a few problems, my mouse seems to get stuck to a small window inside the window if you know what I mean. It just gets stuck inside this box which seems to be a 1080p sized window inside my 1440p full screen window any ideas?


Yes, I’ve made clean and recompiled several times. Running a git clone from today, and I’ve simplified the guest as much as I can.

No errors in the client log, and no indication of a connection in the server – just the black client window. I’m frankly about ready to give up at this point.


Are you sure you have the spice client set up for your VM?


Hit Scroll Lock


Please share the log from the client, according to the information above you are running an alpha 6 client still.


That seems to have fixed it thanks. Thanks for you project btw I really appreciate it amazing! Just one more thing my mouse sensitivity is a lot faster when I move the mouse up or to the left. Where as if I move it down or to the right it is really slow. Is this mouse acceleration? Why is this?


Did you install the registry fixes to disable windows mouse acceleration?


yes I did if I switch inputs to see the direct input from my GPU it works fine
edit: it still does it even if I view the direct input
edit: i also get mouse motion ringbuffer full! after a while


Sorry but the spice side of things we don’t really do much with, all I can suggest is to ensure you dont have more then one virtual mouse device, and there is no virtual usb tablet attached.

This indicates the guest is not keeping up with the mouse input, again not a Looking Glass issue but something wrong with your VM.


Should I have generic PS2 mouse relative movement attatched in virt-manager?
And do I need video cirrus because that added itself when the VM started


Libvirt is stupid and insists you have a video device if you have a spice client, but no it wont be causing an issue.

PS2 relative mouse is correct.


Is the client/vulkan branch working for other people or is it unfinished?
Also I am getting 10% cpu used by looking-glass-host.exe in the guest operating system and it is running at ~20 FPS, it feels noticably non-smooth to use. this might be because I am using a GT 730 in the guest for testing purposes though, would getting a faster guest gpu improve performance in looking glass? (looking at getting an RX 560)

(I am using a GTX 970 for the host gpu and dedicated 2 cores 4 threads to the virtual machine)


It will be merged into the master branch when it is working.

What resolution, what game/program… etc… please be specific.

The host GPU can be junk, you should give the 970 to the guest.


Thanks for this! I have good action in the client now that I’m running the A7 client and server, with Display Spice active!

I didn’t see anything about a spice requirement in the Quickstart guides, and adding the “-s” argument to the client didn’t seem to do anything. If you don’t mind, I’ll file a bug with a small handful of documentation clarifications like this that would’ve smoothed my path.


There is no requirement, you can turn it off. Your problem has nothing to do with spice, it was failing to sync with the looking glass host. What version of the client were you running?


Just using the desktop at 1080p with 16M ram for the ivshmemserver (using anything feels unresponsive and the fps display says ~20fps)

Windows gaming is a secondary for me, If i give the GTX 970 to the guest i can’t play my linux games with the performance i want.

Also the client sometimes does not connect and just shows a frozen version of my linux screen. It only says the host is ready after i terminate the client. (usually the mouse and keyboard work though)

[I]               main.c:634  | run                            | Looking Glass (a5-12-gb89a8fee04)
[I]               main.c:711  | run                            | Initialized OpenGL
[I]            ivshmem.c:154  | ivshmem_connect                | RAM Size : 16777216
[I]               main.c:843  | run                            | Waiting for host to signal it's ready...
[I]              spice.c:341  | spice_on_common_read           | notify message: keyboard channel is insecure
^C[I]               main.c:847  | run                            | Host ready, starting session

This is after i have connected previously, does the looking-glass-host.exe close after you close the client? this happens even if i restart looking-glass-host.exe on the guest.


Looking Glass (a5-12-gb89a8fee04)

Alpha 5, upgrade to Alpha 7


ah whoops my fault, i have the updated version but it’s not the same one that’s in my $PATH

edit: using alpha7 client fixed the connection issues but it’s still running at a framerate below my monitor’s refresh rate (60hz) is this because of the lackluster guest gpu? using alpha7 it reports half (sometimes a bit below) of my monitor’s refresh rate in the fps display