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Looking Glass for Pascal VM render to Turing Host Freesync output?

I want to see if I can use Looking Glass to do a Pascal Freesync correction with a Linux VM. Windows VM of course is gonna work regardless for proper Freesync out of the actual displays, but on Linux I need something to dump frames from the GPU into Looking Glass, then the Looking Glass client uses fresh frames from the framebuffer which can be any frame rate so that it can pass on the frames to the superior Freesync LFC implementation on the Turing host.

I’ve already found out that NVIDIA will NEVER work on Pascal LFC issues on the Linux driver, so this is my last chance to see if there’s a solution through VFIO for those stuck with a combo Pascal and Turing setup. Dropping $1500USD on a 2080 Ti is for when I’m actually able to do so.

You lost me… LG already decouples the frame rate coming from the guest.

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As a person who’s gone through the setup and seen others go through the setup regardless of the generation of graphics card. I don’t mean to be discouraging in any way here but it sounds like you’re asking for something that’s impossible. Given that the author of this software above has also said that you’ve lost him and there’s no way to couple that frame rate from the guest Which is a requirement for what you’re trying to do? Is there possibly a misunderstanding on your end with how VFIO works here? Or maybe you need to reclaify your question?

How do you mean that Nvidia will not work on the LFC part?

Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong here I only barely went through figuring out how to work with this stuff last weekend.

Does the capture require syncing to a display refresh or is it grabbing new frames directly from the GPU not synced to a display? This is the critical part as the client needs to present fresh frames from the guest GPU to the host GPU for the host GPU drivers to figure out Freesync timings.