Looking Glass discussion thread?

Is there one buried somewhere? Just to chat about LG and related stuff and ideas.

No not really, and I would recommend against it. There is a triage thread, but that is geared specifically to help users with issues.

The best place to ‘shoot the shit’ about LG would probably be on the discord channel.

The point is to keep chat succinct. If everyone starts using the ‘lounge’ for that then they’ll neglect the triage thread and then housekeeping will be a nightmare.

I specifically wanted to avoid the triage thread. Though I thought there might already be loads of stuff talked about already. I’ll look at the discord thing and see what’s on it. thanks!

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You’re welcome!

Reason I recommend that is because its better for RT discussion stuff.

Stuff on the forums we strive to make as clear and easy to find as possible, since its essentially documentation.

Lastly, if you have any further info like guides or what not you can make threads with the tag #lookingglass so people can find it easier.