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Looking Glass client outputs purple screen



Sorry if this has been talked about before but this forum system isn’t the easiest to navigate and I’ve not taken the time to learn it’s quirks.

With that said I’m using my leave at work wisely and trying to get looking glass running on my system now I’ve got my Windows 10 guest running and passed over my GTX 970 to it in KVM/Libvirt and this outputs a display fine but I haven’t installed the nvidia drivers just yet so am just using the basic driver. Now the thing I’m struggling with is looking glass just outputs a purple screen as shown in this photo.

I think this is to do with conflicting information I’m reading online so some sites say to remove the splice and video settings from libvirt which means it boots fine on my second display and can use it like I used to use pass-through when I last tried it but then the looking-glass-client won’t connect. If I add the splice option back then my second screen just stays at the TianoCore logo rather than booting to the desktop and looking-glass-client just outputs the purple screen. If I set the video card to Virtio then I can see the display in libvirt and the TianoCore logo on my second monitor but still just get the purple screen when using the cilent.

Could someone please point me in the correct place to look to get pass this as it’s got to be something simple I’m missing.

I didn’t see the need for my system specs as everything is basically in place but if it will help you find my issue then I’ll be happy to share but I am running ArchLinux rather than Ubuntu but I can convert any differences between the two distros if needed as I’d really prefer not to have to run Ubuntu on my system.



The correct thread to post in for looking-glass support is below.

You need to use the looking-glass aur package and not the looking-glass-git package. If you want to use the bleeding edge -git version then you need to go to the github page and build the latest master windows application.

You also should install the Nvidia driver.

After both of those, if it still does not work, please post in the triage thread linked above.


Looking Glass - Triage

Thanks I’ll check that out and I’ll move this post to correct place now I’m starting to figure it out this forum. What software is this by the way as a side note?





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