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Looking glass client not refreshing

Host CPU: Intel 9700k
Host GPU: Intel 630
Guest GPU: RTX 2080Ti
Host Kernel version: 5.5.10-200.fc31.x86_64
Host QEMU version: 4.1.1

I’m using the latest version for host and client(both compiled from source) and I’m able to connect to my VM, but the client isn’t refreshing. It’s a bit weird that I can see the cursor in VM is moving but everything else isn’t updating as it should be. The VM is using DXGI and the resolution is 2560x1440. My shared memory size is 64M.

Do you unplug the cable from the VMs gpu and plug it to the mainboards one?
If yes, you need a HDMI/DP dongle or a display which can have 2 cables attached at the same time.
At least that was my solution using a 2080 (non Ti).

I have 2 cables. 1 DP to 2080Ti and 1 HDMI to mobo. I don’t need to unplug anything I assume?

Another thing is that I tried the old Release/B1 and it works. I’m assuming it’s something broken in new commits but I don’t have time to investigate that atm.