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Looking Glass and new Nvidia driver (465.89)

So I’ve been slowly transitioning to Linux this past week and gaming has been the one thing stopping me from completely ditching windows. Looking Glass (what little of it I saw and understood) looked pretty cool and I only have the one GPU anyways so I didn’t bother with it any ways. Does the new Nvida drivers mean I can use looking glass with one gpu?

TL;DR What implications if any do the new Nvidia drivers have for looking glass?

From what we know there’s nothing new in the “new” drivers other than NVidia removing the check (and kill switch) for running inside VM’s. Looking-Glass requires a GPU passed-through to the VM to be able to render on Windows. This procedure is hardware bound and no amount of software will magically make it happen. Some GPU’s (Intels) can be split into two vGPU’s which makes it possible to pass part of the card into the VM. All those setups are non-trivial and have a good chance of not working.