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Looking Glass @ 1080p when the real monitor hooked up can only do 1024x768


is there a way to run Looking Glass at 1920 x 1080 (Full HD @ 16:9) when the real monitor hooked up to the card passed through the VM can only do 1024 x 768 (EVGA @ 4:3)?

I assume you would have to emulate a monitor that can do full HD in order to let the graphics card adress it. But how would I do that in the Virt-Manager and did anyone do this successfully? (I assume yes, but couldn’t find that step in all tutorials I remember…)



You can’t emulate a passthrough monitor, you need a dummy plug for your GPU that reports the resolutions you want to use.

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Any tips on which dummy plug to get best?



They are all pretty much the same, just a HDMI connector with an EEPROM inside, there is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ versions. Just pick one that will report the resolution (or higher) that you intend to use.

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Thank you! Connector has arrived and worked great yesterday.