Looking forward to the upcoming Threadripper Pro 5000 WX

AMD typically always supports sockets for more than 1 generation. Just like we got 2 generations out of the first gen Threadripper (which honestly they could have also brought over to 3rd gen, since it is functionally the same thing).

When they announced Zen2 TR; they did mention “future Threadrippers” and “designing a new platform for the future”.
They have brought Zen3 to the same platform on EPYC; just not for TRX40.

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They say that but the realise they can go with a new socket just as an added cash cow. If they wanted to put in the effort they could go with a much larger LGA-footprint with enough pins for future expansion, and tell all AIBs to engineer VRMs for the max possible TDP.

Only downside is you’ll be paying a higher price initially, but for a workstation board, this isn’t usually a problem for this segment.

Of course, but they have gone an even worse path and basically just not update threadripper at all. The Pro series Threadrippers are literally useless for those of us who have dual purpose systems.
I do development that work with games, and I do testing of softwares with games and play games in my off time on my workstation. The Pro Threadrippers just don’t have clockspeed, as they are literally just EPYC server CPUs with a different brand name (which begs the question as to why they even exist).
The entire idea of Threadripper was to offer a CPU that is more powerful than the desktop CPU’s with more cores and more clockspeed. My 3960x has a bit more clockspeed on average vs my 3900x and overall has better performance than the 3900x… However there is no Threadripper Pro that offers better performance (outside of multi-thread) vs a 3900x…

For the new Pro Threadripper 5000 series; there is no point to purchase them as it makes more sense to use a 5950x unless you specifically need the PCI-E lanes as everything else is slower on the Pro platform.

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Im not sure you’re able to speak on AMDs behalf on that. Might be what you wanted it for but that doesn’t mean that’s why amd sells it.

Current/next gen thread ripper CPUs are massively more expensive in terms of BOM cost than the motherboard you’d need to replace to get ddr5, pcie5, etc.

I’m not sure why anyone is expecting boards to carry over on high end cutting edge platforms right now when we are in a big tech advance in terms of IO and memory.

I mean its literally what AMD said when they launched it.
The Threadripper CPUs from Gen 1 and 2 were the best cherry picked Dies with the best clockspeed.
Gen the Gen3 Threadripper (TRX40 Zen2) are the best dies with the most sustained clockspeed. They use less power per core vs a 3950x and have better overall sustained clockspeeds…

Threadripper “PRO” is just EPYC rebadged. It isn’t made for anything honestly, just for them to give a desktop platform to EPYC without them doing any actual work.
In essence; threadripper itself is actually dead and AMD has forgotten about us Threadripper users.

Honestly you purchase Threadripper for those reasons that AMD originally outlined. For creators and developers who need it all; clockspeed / ST performance, but huge numbers of threads.

Starting to look to prototype a build and saw a new Asrock wrx80 board: https://asrock.com/mb/AMD/WRX80%20Creator/index.asp#BIOS

No reviews yet that I could find – has anybody seen a vendor list the 5000 series threadrippers (even if no stock)?

Is this a new board? Or an old WRX80 board with updates website + BIOS? And why would they ship a BIOS not compatible with 5000 series?

The more interesting part is the supported CPU SKUs. 5000 Chagall SKUs listed there are 5995WX, 5975WX and 5965X.

So expect 24,32 and 64 core variants to be available in Retail. Seems like 12 and 16 core will be OEM-only (and thus vendor-locked).

About the board: I like the slot layout and the x8 slots in between the x16 slots so one doesn’t sacrifice as much lanes with big GPUs. Thunderbolt+10GbE, lots of nice things…will certainly directly compete vs the ASUS Sage board and probably comparable in pricing (900-1000$).

2x M.2 M-key and 1x U.2 is a bit underwhelming. There is some mention about a “AsRock U.2 kit”, but I guess you need your PCIe slots if you want more high-speed storage.

I think so – when I look at the manual it says it supports the 5000 series and the only bios I see is from a little over a week ago. It looks like it to me that it supports the 5000 series out of the box.

I checked the manual and the pdf was made in Feb 2022. In any case it doesn’t really matter because WRX80 is still WRX80. Nothing has changed other than the new CPUs. I’m sure we’ll see other new boards soon.

Fun fact about the AsRock board:
The proprietary Thunderbolt adapter/ports are connected via 2x M.2 slots of all things. So guess why there are so few M.2 left for storage. This is some next level engineering right there :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah and if you read the fine print no linux support – I don’t really have a need for it so I’d probably not use it. At least it appears to be removable? Not sure that you could then repurpose for another two M2 devices (and the orientation would appear to be vertical).

Nothing new. The pictures from the Windows apps look cool though. But I wouldn’t bet a dollar on either Thunderbolt working in Linux or the associated M.2 slots being able to accept storage.

Quite good for cooling purposes :slight_smile: But it probably rips the connector out of the board with any kind of force applied to this 80-110mm lever. Or breaking the SSD PCB all together. Don’t do this at home.

New Asrock Rack WRX80 board, geared towards rackmounted Threadripper:


CPU compatibility shows support for 3955WX. Retail confirmed for 16 cores?

There is a sketchy 5975WX 32 core listed on newegg. Anyone got 4Gs to drop on it to see if it’s legit?

AMD Threadripper PRO 5975WX - Ryzen Threadripper PRO Castle Peak (Zen 3) 32-Core 4.5GHz Socket sWRX8 280W Desktop Processor - 100-00000445WOF - Newegg.com-274-000M-001T2--Product

Looks good! 4.5Ghz also? Pretty legit haha

Not sure, sometimes these boards do mention support for CPU’s you can’t technically get in retail.

Looks like a few retailers like newegg and microcenter finally have their hands on 5975wx chips for DIY. $3,300 (a lot yes) but actually less than I was thinking.