Looking for Xbox 360

I'm looking to purchase a Xbox 360! I would like the hard drive to have at a least 120 GB HDD. 

I live in New Jersey so I would like to buy from somebody close to the East Coast.

If interested in selling please PM me so when can work something out!

Did you mean to put this in the Funny section?

Not everyone wants to buy the Xbox One right away...

Xbox 360 Is suppose to be going for 100 bucks on black friday, just throwing that out there

I may have one, I can't remember if it's busted or just not used anymore, but I won't be home until next Monday, the 25th. I live on Long Island, so if you're still looking for one in a week I can get back to you about that.

I've got one, I live in Maryland. I'll probably throw in a few games too.

Have you seen the Kill Your Console Video? Thats why I say it belongs in the funny section :p

I heard about that Black Friday deal for Gamestop, I was thinking about doing that.

I'm 100% for the computer, but saying that, there are still good reasons to buy or own a console.

Stop being such a fanboy please. Not everyone admits to your "fact".