Looking for x99 (2011-3) mainboard with pcie lanes ending up in different immo groups


i want to do the VGA passthrough to a VM.
Im looking for a x99 board (socket 2011-3) where the GPUs in the PCIe lanes under linux end up in different IOMMU groups, so i can use the first one for the host and pass through at least one other.
Also it should not only be the bottom PCIe lane which differs from the first one, because it is for a 2slot card.
I don't want to work around the IOMMU group problem with the acsoverride kernel, that's why i'm asking.

Second question, i have my eye on the MSI x99(s/a) sli plus, does anyone know if this is true for that motherboard?

I hope the question isnt too confusing :)