Looking for Windows Backup solution

What is a good cheap backup solution for windows 10? I need I nightly backup and maybe a weekly image of a PC. I used Macrium Reflect and windows backup, both failed on restoring an image. Refect was free version but should have worked? I am backing up locally via USB. Any suggestions?

Veeam Agent for Windows is what I use. It’s enterprise grade, free, does forever incremental backups, allows restore of complete disks or files. and is pretty lightweight. Set it and forget it type deal. Also, if you have only NTFS volumes, it’ll use a method called Changed Block Tracking that will drastically cut down on your backup times. It keeps track of what blocks have changed and only backs those up. I have done several test restores successfully, both whole disk and file level without a hitch.


Thanks, downloaded it and will try it in the lab, it’s embarrassing when your backups don’t work!

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