Looking for Voice Recognition Software

Hi, anyone who knows about or works with voice recognition I would very thankful for your input.
Ive been using software like voice bot and voice attack to help me ‘press’ keyboard buttons virtually ie when I say “jump” it presses ‘spaebar’, they use Microsoft speech engine to recognise spoken words.

My experience with it is that it doesn’t understand my non-London dialect and it can Software hang for a bit (1-10 seconds) sometimes. my question is what new software could I get to replace voicebot with that can use different speech engines eg ‘dragon speaking naturally’, ‘hack’ ms speech engine to be better or a speech engine to replace the ms speech engine that appears as ms speech engine to the software i use so it doesn’t notice anything different.

thank you for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:

the problem with speech recognition is that the software or app has to be “trained” to recognise the inflections of your voice!
If the software isnt trained it will only recognize speech within a set tolerance of pitch, timbre, and speed.
the apple Imac had a great speech recognition system but you had to teach it and adjust its sensitivity to compensate for your voice.
while they work great they could only be used for a single user per log in.
in order for another person to use it they had to log in to their own account and providing
the speech recognition software was taught to understand their voice, be able to use it.

many advances in smart phones allows voice recognition to compensate for pitch and timbre but you need to speak slowly and clearly for it to work properly.