Looking for the right PSU and Cooler

so right now my current build is http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xVqP and im looking to upgrade to add a second HD 7950 because well why not.

currently its got a 500w PSU in it that obviously will not run 2 GPUs so i know thats what im going to have to upgrade first. unfortunately I know very little about PSU brands (what ones are good what ones to avoid) all i know is ill need 700+W 80pluse bronze and i want modual. also having never run 2 GPUs together before I was wondering how i would handle powering them both since I could not locate a PSU that had enough power connectors to power them both. any help would be greatly appreciated. 

also i hear cooling is often a problem with stringing multiple GPUs together anybody know of a way to avoid that?

Also i want to upgrade my CPU cooler. I have no plans on OCing at all. not in the foreseeable future at least. but i would really like a closed loop water cooler (mainly because i hate the huge block in the middle of my comp look that the 212 has) I was thinking maybe the corsair Hydro H60 or is it worth the $30 to upgrade to the H80?

Here's what I would do: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/AG20

I went with the Cooler Master V6 GT because it outperforms most closed loop water coolers, and it's aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion). It has a plastic shroud on the top of the heat sink, and it has some cool LED lights, so it doesn't look like there's a giant hunk of metal just sitting in your case. If you still want to go with a water cooler, though, then I would suggest going with the H80 or H100 because they're going to cool much better than the H60.

The power supply is fully modular, 80+ Gold certified, and has all the connectors you need.

The SSD I picked out should run faster than the one you had in there before, plus it's cheaper too.

That covers it. Do what vortex said.

I bought this rig about 4 months ago and the SSD was on sale for about $60 i wasent even gonna get an SSD origionally but i couldnt turn that down. 

as for the cooler and power supply im pretty sure im gonna go with the water cooler just because i like the way they look more. thanks for the suggestion on the power supply im going ot deffinately go with that (the price is a bit high but gold certified and all the connectors i need is a hell of a bargain. 

I may still go with the H60 since cooling isnt really an issue (it was running just fine with the stock cooler even on max load) and im spending a bit more than expected on the power. 

Well, you could go with a cheaper powers supply, but I saw the gold certification on that NZXT PSU and thought it was a hell of a deal.

This PSU would work too if you wanted to save some money: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/thermaltake-power-supply-sp750m

If you're not overclocking and don't need the extra cooling, and you're just getting a water cooler for mainly aesthetic reasons then the H60 will do you just fine.

That's a really good deal you got on that SSD as well.