Looking for suggestions on wireless earbuds

Hello everyone.
So right now i’m looking to get some wireless earbuds mainly for daily use (gym, walking to school, at home, etc).
At the moment my budget would be something less that $50 usd, i don’t want to spend too much and i don’t expect audiophile quality just something i can use daily to listen music on Spotify while i do exercise or in the bus.

I’m open for suggestions. Thanks for reading!

Not audiophile, but are quite good at who they target and what they do. A buddy recently purchased them and reviews online don’t seem to bad. I’m not too fond of reviews as they sometimes “want” audiophile levels of quality. So far these seem to hit your mark.

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My personal opinion: Don’t bother with sub 100$ Wireless Headphones. Even if you don’t care for sound at all, they tend to not hold up well, especially to moisture and sweat.

I personally had Beyerdynamics Byron BT, which are great headphones, but the remote stopped working after a good year.

My wife listens to headphones all day and in bed sometimes. She went through 5 or 6 pairs of various BT headphones between 10 and 60 bucks from amazone (Anker, Aukey and various off-brands).

I just bought her Koss KSC75’s. Yes, they are wired. But half the price, and can rather easily repaired and resoldered if anything breaks. A bit more expensive are the Porta Pros. Same deal. They are proven good since the 80s and haven’t changed since. Plus they sound better than anything else at this Pricepoint.

If you really want it wireless, you can get a seperate BT Resciever like this
Or the Porta Pros come in a BT option as well (here). The seperate reciever will split the points of failure to more easily replaceable parts. And if you decide to upgrade to better headphones some day, you can easily do so without having to look for BT functionality.

How do I know which product is the best among the ones listed here?