Looking for someone with access to MSDN

as the title says im looking for someone who has a MSDN subscription and access to download software.

For those wondering I specifically need the image for Win Pro for Workstations which though microsoft will sell to consumers they dont provide the image for.

As a reference the 1909 version of this image was named

The other benefit of this image is that it does not have Win10 Home on is which is nice when you need to install Pro on a system with Home baked into the UEFI as normally it would just see Home and install that without even prompting.

Thanks in advance as always and if there is something I can do in return for ya, let me know.

(to be clear I already have licenses, just need the image to be able to do clean installs, yes M$ is dumb)

Last I checked, the ISO from the public windows 10 iso download from ms included pro for workstations.

If your talking about media creation tool it only includes Home and Pro. Where as the enterprise image includes Pro and higher (Enterprise, Pro for Workstations, Educational, etc.) and does not include Home.

I am talking about the direct downloads if you go to the download windows 10 page with a non-windows user agent.

I just checked, it does include pro for workstations.

You can try a direct download from here on a non windows machine- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO

Or generate the download link here (actual download is from Microsoft servers)- https://tb.rg-adguard.net/public.php

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ill give the download a shot via my phone. The only issue I still see is the aforementioned installing Pro on a system with Home in the UEFI when the image has Home.

It is possible to remove editions from an iso with dism.

So Pro for Workstations was indeed part of that ISO, why is that not accessible from windows? Also and odd install as its an NTFS formatted image but UEFI, normally it would be FAT32. On install it also only makes 3 partitions when formatting the drive? Normally its 4…

I know they changed some stuff with 2004 but this is intriguing.

Technically, it is available on windows, you just have to spoof your user argent in your browser to a non windows OS string. But that’s just me being pedantic.

I think the application that you normally get on windows to download an iso actually does not download an iso directly but instead downloads the pieces for it then shoves them together. Which would explain the limited set of editions, although that is still a bit weird.