Looking for some tips on this PC Build


That is the list that I put together. The 980 is from some place i've never heard of before, can I trust buying my product from there? Also, will the prices for the 980 be dropping more and more since the 1080 dropped, should I wait a few months to buy a 980? (I'm in no rush to get one)

Also i am looking for a case that looks a lot cooler and can fit what I have selected, any suggestions?

Thanks for any help and tips

Don't buy a 980, get a 1070 or 1080ti instead. You get more vram(8 on the 1070 and 6 on the 980ti), and better performance for not that much more cost. Even if it means waiting a month you would be better in the long run, I don't know what monitor you have but some games are already coming close to or exceeding 4GB at 1080p. If you don't want to spend $400+ then I would get an r9 390/390x instead.
I would recommend getting a motherboard that supports ddr4, now ddr3 and 4 are about the same price, but in the future if you ever want to upgrade ddr3 will be more expensive, as production of it will slow and shift to ddr4.

the rx480 is coming out in 11 days and it has better everything then a 980 for 150$~ cheaper.

also do not get a seagate. western digital or hitachi is a much better choice and wont die on you.

and you may wish to get a 212 evo for your cpu since they are cheep and it will keep your cpu cooler then stock much quieter, and will prevent thermal throttling.


Definately wait for either the 1070 or the RX480 - and the rx480 has been shown to overclock like a beast and easily hits 1500MHz+ on its stock blower cooler.

As everyone else said, wait for the RX480... I would also say change the case.
Zalman Z3 plus - comes with 4 fans and a fan controller, which means better airflow, which means better cooling. On top of that it has open front intake also known as mesh, so it have way way better cooling capabilities... And it's cheaper...
Unless you want to go with AIO 240mm I would recommend Zalman Z3 plus...

You can trust B+H. There huge in the tri-state area
10 to 20 bucks you can get a 240 ssd
If you have a microcenter nearby they knock 30 bucks off the MB for some intel builds, used to be only 20.
What monitor will you be using? It seems overkill for 1080 but not quite ready for 4K Ultra 60fps IMHO.
After 2 months any case is just a box. IMHO Notable exceptions being one you built or a modified retro case.
For 1440 this is a killer build and ditto to what the other guys said about waiting. Hope this helps:)

yeah change the hard drive for a WD black or hitachi HDD, why not a 240GB SSD, there is a lot of cases to choose from have fun weighing up your options, maybe get something a bit unique and different, if you want to go intel might has well choose DDR4 and a better main board, if you want to stick more to mid range stuff like DDR3 and older CPU generations AMD is a choice. If you're really not in a hurry then watch what happens over the next 6 months, a lot more than usual is happening with new video cards and AMD finally releasing AM4 CPU's and main board's sometime this year whenever that finally happens, who knows what that will bring, the better it stacks up to the current intel stuff the more pressure for intel to adjust pricing, getting the 1070 or RX480 and the better CPU's with DDR4 and a better main board will likely cost half as much in 6 months as it does at the moment.
keep revising your build list every month or so and watch as new stuff comes out how that changes the prices of stuff, or have two build lists, one with DDR3 and cheaper CPU/mainboard and one with DDR4 and newer mainboard/CPU, update each once a month and see how things change over 6 months

There is nothing wrong with Seagate hard drives if he has the right model. I have had 3 of them and had no issues. Also Backblaze's hard drive test with failure rates shown have to be taken with a grain of salt as I saw articles that said their work should be ignored for many reasons.

from personal experience the cheaper WD's, and seagates have a greater chance of failing before reaching 3 years of age, WD seems to be fazing out their green range and the blue range just had a redesign, the better quality seagate drives do last better but cost a bit more like the better WD drives and hitachi's do, with backblaze no one chart tells the full story you've got to look at it from a few points of view.

I make sure to show customers both charts not just the first one because the total number of WD drives in service isn't that many compared to seagate and the failure rates of the 3TB drives was blown up a bit by backblaze buying a heap of refurbed hard drives or maybe that was the 1.5TB drives, there must have been a reason for there to be so many crappy refurbished drives to sell to them in the first place so yeah, some seagate models are indeed lemons, my faulty hard drive pile has multiple of the same model seagate drives in it often, the pile of mixed other brands is the same height as the seagate pile. my business is only small so i've sold in excess of 50 WD black drives and 20+ hitachi drives and 7x 3TB seagate drives for a customer who specifically chose those.....shudder.....0 drives failed so far, if I was selling just the cheapest of the cheap drives I can tell you from experience I could expect 2 out of 10 sold to come back and be a premature failing pain in the butt quite likely.

These two as well because 3 years and older some drives probability for failure go through the roof and any hard drive can only be expected to last 5-6 years any more than that is a bonus, so trying to encourage people to get a new external every year or so and have multiple backup drives and not just trust one and expect it to last forever.

SSD is they way to go. i just bought my first SSD last week. adata sp550 240gig. I love it. I didnt understand until I put it in my system.

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Many people don't really understand until they try a PC without SSD...
I was thinking "what was the big deal", until i used my parent's PC, that is my old PC... WOW, that thing was dragging on the ground... Then i sat down on my 64GB small slow SSD and it was night and day... Everything was faster. Not just the windows loading and stuff...

Same laptop with it's original 1TB hitachi compared to 250GB Samsung SSD
I can't wait for multiple TB SSD's to become an affordable mainstream reality. 240/250GB is pretty reasonably priced at the moment and that's good enough, I didn't find it that hard to get used to only 120GB for my C: so @history might really only need a 120GB. And in terms of cheap 1TB for larger storage vs more expensive drive, you could just get two of the cheaper drives and sync one to the other daily so you've got a redundant copy of that 1TB drive, instead of putting them in RAID 1 because cheaper drives often don't like that.

@psycho_666 @Vandal85 Will the rx480 really be better than the 980? if so i will defiantly wait

Oh for pete's sake. When has AMD ever let us down......On their GPU's. I am waiting. its only going to be a few days before the NDR lifts and we get to see these bad boys in action. then if they totally blow goats will end up buying something else.

Well, no, not really... But it will be definitely cheaper... Something like $100 cheaper for pretty much similar performance... And even if it is massive let down, 980 isn't going anywhere... You can still buy it in 2 weeks time...

Here is the newest updated list. I decided to go with just a SSD for now, 240GB will last me awhile, and when i'm ready i'll likely buy another SSD or a huge amount of HDD storage.

I didnt add the GPU because i am waiting for the rx480 to come out, if it actually is $200, then this build should come out to about $700. Should I add more ram? get a little faster of a CPU? anything else?

I am looking to play gta with mods. Thanks for all the help and any future suggestions.


also, what is a good monitor to get? im looking to get dual monitors so i can look up stuff on one monitor while i game on the other, what is a good one to get? i dont want to spend too much

Nothing is certain until the cards are out in the wild for real. I would expect factory cards to be on par with the 980 and the 3rd party overclocked editions to be better. From a personal standpoint I will be selling my 980 for a pair of RX480's if the benchmarks released so far are accurate.

Having said that, I am still waiting for an RX490 - if previous amd releases are anything to go by, the X in RX is roman numeral for 10, so the sucessor to the R9 series, and the PCB on the RX480 has room for two 6 pin connectors. Also AMD said they were aiming for the $100 - 300 bracket, and the RX480 is expected to be 199 for the 4GB and 229 for the 8GB version - still room for either insanely overclocked custom pcb cards OR a RX480X/RX490