Looking for some speakers

So, I am working on my boombox and want to upgrade the speakers. limit is $50 total. 4 in speakers. the ones currently in the boombox are 25w. Have fun.


Happen to know what impedance the ones you are replacing are?

4 Ohm:

8 Ohm:

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3.2 ohms

Probably going to want a 4 ohm nominal speaker than. Does your boombox have tweeters or anything, or is it just 4 inch drivers?

Has tweeters as well.


I'd say any of the four ohm ones I listed above would probably work, but if you don't mind spending a little bit more this would give you a little more bass:


Yeah, it's not a hard cap of $50. A few over is cool. Just didn't. want to spend a fortune. I do like my bass, so I'll probably go with the ones you listed most recently.

Out of curiosity, do you know the internal volume of each chamber, if there are separate chambers? I just noticed the ND105 needs a little more space than I was expecting.

They are seperate. You want the physicial volume right?

If so, its 5.5x8x5 about