Looking for some plug and play 2.1 speakers

Title is pretty self explanitory. My current 90’s/early 2000’s Altec Lansing speakers with an analog subwoofer cable aren’t gonna cut it, anymore. They keep doing this static/crackling crap at random, and I have to mush the sub with my foot to get it to stop. Sometimes my foot accidentally touches the sub or my power strip, and it starts happening, again.

They also look ugly as all hell, have no bass control, and the sub has to smoosh the sub cable for the sound to work properly. So yeah.

What I’m looking for is excellent sound quality and balance, STRONG bass (I’m a bass head) with bass control, and a fair bit of power. And, as the title says, plug and play made for computers.
I want to hear everything loud and clear without hurting my ears (so no distortion) unless it’s from sheer volume.

I’ll okay with spending $300, but I’d prefer to spend $200 or less. I’ll never spend more than $400 on a PC part at my current financial level.

Any reason you are looking for 2.1 over powered monitors?

Bass response of the “subwoofer”. IDK if it all works similar to car audio, but my ideal would be midbass, midrange, and tweeters together, two channels, and a subwoofer for sub bass.

But, yeah, to answer your question directly it’s for separating the sounds so they can all play better and more clearly. And because I’m a basshead and occasionally rock out with my PC.

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