Looking for some good pc, FPS games and zombie games

Hi guys ive recently moved to pc gaming, and ive brought the left for dead series, garrys mod, and battlefiled 2,3. but im after something fresh and fun that makes a change to the same old console style fps games, any ideas. Thanks

If you're looking for a good zombie game you should check out Atom Zombie Smasher. It's definitely different from the FPS's you listed, it's more like a board game.

As far as PC FPS's, you missed the holy grail, Half Life. Also check out Tribes Ascend, I think it's control scheme wouldn't work very well on console. Payday 2 is popular now, but I haven't played it yet.

thanks mate ill check your recommendations out really glad a community like this exists. :)

dayz (arma2 mod, standalone comming 10 months ago)

killing floor (very much like l4d, so i wouldn't neccecarily get it if i were you)


I highly recommend you buy ARMA II: Combined Operations. It is relatively cheap ($25), and you can get the mod DayZ for free. This provides an FPS and a zombie game. If you don't know what ARMA II is, it's a very tactical military shooter and very fun. Add me on Steam at: IdealTrash7358. As soon as I get my dead GPU back (like ten days) I'll play with you.

left for dead 2, modded.

Try some old style PC FPS like Shadow Warrior and Rise of the Triad. You also have Doom, which can be modernized with a mod called Brutal Doom. Brutal Doom is incredibly fun because of the absolute insane gore levels.

Also play the original Half Life. It's a timeless classic console games cannot experience. If you can't stand the dated mid-90s graphics, install the Black Mesa mod and the game will look even better than Half Life 2 while still not requiring much from your rig.


7 day to die

Yeahh 7 days to die is beast but its $35..and still in alpha but its well worth it 

Thanks for the response guys really appreciated im gonna check out all your recommendations now . :) sorry for no individual responses it would take too long xD

If zombies is what you're after I still use Call of Duty 5 to run modded zombie maps. These guys have been going for many years and there are plenty of multiplayer maps, you must sign up to download - www.zombiemodding.com. The ZM Mars map is my favorite and you can even play the maps solo.

I've played like 5k hours of competitive TF2 and I'm still not bored.

cheers dude ill check it out. The price tag of world at war on steam is the thing that is putting me off. Ive loved the call of duty zombies series on console cant wait to get the full package on PC. 

Sure thing dude. Though im probably going to see if arma 2 comes on sale its not a bad price £30 ive paid way more for console games but moneys abit tight right now.

cheers dude ill check them out. Ive got half life just havent being able to give it the time it deserves and garrys mod seems to have put me off the graphical stlye after putting so many hours into GMOD.

Dead Island is pretty decent, its a first person zombie killing simulator with some RPG mixed in. Its not the best game ever but it provides entertainment

Deadlights is a great zombie platformer.

Try Hawken, free to play on steam (absolutely no need to spend any money on it if you don't want) really enjoyable fps, tdm in particular is really good cause teamwork actually matters. easily my favorite game at the moment 

I second this. Hawken is good enough to be a game that you buy



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