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Looking for some decent quality Posters

any suggestions. thanks.

films, music. cyberpunk or space stuff is usually good.

Do you want us to link some images? Or links to a store where you could purchase posters?

Kinda vague..

images or stores would be cool. I like 80's retro stuff too , the main thing im wanting is decent quality.

I did something along these lines for my Son's room. I found a few images I really liked. Google Image Search is your friend, sort by size. I found one perfect dimensions, and the other two were slightly small so I imported them into Photoshop and doubled their size (and in one instance 3xs) and then sharpened the image / made it look pretty good again, removing artifacts and made them much less blurry and then printed them via Walgreens poster size and framed them with nice cheap frames I got from Amazon. The images that I doubled / 3xs came out great when printed which surprised me.

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For high quality posters you need high resolution images. It is possible on Google Images but one has to be selective. Photoshop does a good job of blowing up images, but it can't beat a high-res original.

I used Staples for printing posters. When one was damaged in shipping they re-did it for free.

If you want to pay the artists that create the posters try Deviant Art, Design By Humans, Etsy, Photobucket, Shutterstock, iStockphoto, etc.