Looking for software to record browser history

I have a few PCs that need to keep a log of internet usage per user independant of the brower used that can be checked the admins of the machines locally, and I'm trying to find something that will achieve this. Any suggestions?
They are all windows computers,
I can't add any new hardware so a firewall box is out of the question.
Preferably I need to be able to identify each users history

I wouldn't bother with software. It's cumbersome and can be easily bypassed. If you have access to the router, I would seek to accomplish the task at that level.

Here's an idea of how it can be done: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/free-parental-control-net-monitoring-netgear/

You'll need to look up a guide specific to your router/modem though.

Unfortunately other hardware solutions is out of the question, I had considered it though.

Do you have access to the router/modem these computers are connected to?

Unfortunately not otherwise that would have been my solution I'm limited in what I can change.

I'm not very familiar with these sorts of software. Perhaps try this: http://kidlogger.net/

It appears to be a solid option. It's free (to an extent), open-source, and loaded with features. Or you could try a keylogger. Although, this is a bit more invasive. From what I can tell, most of these applications require that you pay for the software and the selection isn't very large to begin with.