Looking for (short) rails for Chenbro NR40700

I have two Chenbro NR40700’s. One of them has the correct length of rails. The other one, the server rail attachment part, seems to be a longer version. (Or I cant figure out HOW to get it smaller). So I am looking for someone who has this smaller rails, and is willing to sell. But even if you are NOT willing to sell, please let me know I am right about the different rail versions.


If you want to buy could you please create a BST thread for that portion?

Hey there,
You are not crazy, my 2x Chenbro NR40700’s ALSO have different length rails.
Shorter rails are KingSlide AP68-737
Part ID of 84H024010-014
Long Rails Are KingSlide AP68-889

I am also looking for an additional sort rail. Let me know if you every find it.

Thank you! At least I have the model number now.