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Looking for Services like Geek Squad


So I need help in finding a service that is like Geek Squad.
The issue is that I need to have a diagnostic ran on my PC due to my suspicion that I have a RAT or Keylogger on my CPU somewhere. I cannot tell for sure but I have noticed subtleties and would like to be on the safe side.
I need a specialist to come to my home and run a diagnostic on my machine, and if needed do a complete clean install and wipe of my drives.

Do any of you know of any services other than Geek Squad that would be good for this?

Thanks to all.



Do a search for “computer repair your town”.

Any computer repair shop can make a backup, run malware scans, do removal, and do a fresh install and restore from your backup, if needed.

Most are small businesses, so don’t have wide brand recognition, and tend to service their local area. Folks running independent computer repair shops also tend to love computers, and will generally do a better job than the chains.

Without knowing where you live, that’s the best advice I can offer.

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I live in Greensboro, NC.

I have tried this but can’t seem to find a store that I trust.



I would skip paying for/worrying about the diagnostics and just wipe and re-install, as the dx will likely cost you more. I understand that you don’t want to do this yourself, but it really isn’t that complicated - there are tutorials all over the web, or perhaps someone here would help walk you through.

In short - back up your files to external or cloud drive, be sure you have your product key, download windows 10 (I’m guessing you’re using windows) install file (iso) and burn as image to dvd or create bootable flash drive, boot to bios (usually f2/f10/f12 at boot - you can look this up for your particular sys), set boot order to your chosen media (DVD or usb), exit to boot, and follow the instructions when windows loads.

Or if you want to wait until the 3rd week of July or so, I’ll be passing through your area on my way to Asheville :D. But I don’t know why you’d trust me (or anyone else on this site) more than geeksquad, or some other local technician. In the meantime, if you’re worried about someone tracking your movements on the internet or etc, you could easily boot from a live linux distro (again iso, DVD or flash drive) without having to reinstall… tails is an interesting option for the most anonymity - nothing would be recorded/might mitigate your security concerns. Best of luck!



Ok, thank you for the advice. The main reason I do not trust the Geek Squad in my local area is because I know some of the employees who work there. I know for a fact that I know more about computers than they do and I don’t trust them with my machine.

I would be willing to trust you to help me with this (if you would be so kind). It seems you know much more than I do about this. I would be totally fine with you coming through, it would teach me something as well. Just let me know what materials I need to gather before you arrive so we can make your job easier.



Give me your address I’ll come right now. /s



Haha, man - I didn’t expect that response - I was 96% joking/feeling festive… but I guess I stuck my neck out there. While I am passing you around then I really don’t think I’m your best option. 1. If you really suspect a keylogger type thing you probably shouldn’t use the computer at all - I mean, if you don’t need it anyway and don’t care about waiting I guess that’s one thing - but if you do need it… 2. I’m no expert, just a DIY type/mild enthusiast with a little experience - I’m sure you can find someone more qualified locally. 3. If I did stop through, the timing would be pretty inflexible, and there’d be other tricksy things to figure out, like where my dog would hang out :smiley:


If you don’t want to use one of those/prefer to work with an individual I would reach out to one of the builder/scrapper/refurb sellers on craiglist - you can find them by checking out the for sale sect. and looking for someone with a bunch of ads. In my experience these guys are pretty knowledgeable - certainly enough to help you with a backup/reinstall and perhaps give you advice on improving your security. And they often work pretty cheap - I buy stuff from one once in awhile and I know what his margins are like.

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Awesome! Thanks for the advice!