Looking For RUST and PC Players

Hello Im looking for people to play RUST with i started playing on PC not that long ago and i dont have friends that play PC so im looking For people to play with

i use Skype and Razer Comms 

and if you dont mind i also have a spanish accent since english is not my primary language


Im looking into getting Rust. Looks like a cool game but my budget is tight since i just bought my gaming PC last week. If it goes on sale here soon i will pick it up

I'm hoping for the same too. It looks like something i can get into

Yeah if it goes on sale i will pick it up!

I'm also probably going to get Rust.

I'll probably pick rust up in a few days. I will most likely post here or make a new thread to hook up with other rust players, see if we can get a tek rust community up and running.

I would totally dig a TEK Rust clan. Seriously, I've been watching a ton of videos on Rust today and I'm getting closer to buying it with every video I watch.

Anyone have a Teamspeak server? PTT is best VoIP.

wouldnt Razer Comms Be easier because u dont have to rent a TeamSpeak server and comms has Groups

Ok I just installed Razer Comms and it doesn't look so bad. Guess we could use that.

if ur playing rust and dont mind me playing with you or ur group u can add me on comms or skype 

my Comms is xIPuertoRican

and skype is diazxipuertorican

I have a TS3 server you guys are welcome to use for the time being.


I'm currently on this TS if anyone wants to join me.

I've already put 33 hours into Rust. It is extremely addicting. The main thing that sucks though is that it has a bit of a strong building/storing your stuff aspect. What sucks about this is that you'll pretty much lose all your shit when you go to bed. No matter how many metal doors, no matter how many spikes. 98% chance it wont be there when you wake up. I understand that PVP and raiding are a big part of this game and can be a lot of fun, but it will eventually feel like a waste of time when you play all day just to have all your progress wiped the next day. Every. Time.

Seems like the only thing that would help is if you grouped up with 4-5 other people who were all in different time zones so the place could always be guarded. And that is just a bit tedious.

All of the official servers are way packed and full of people who spam the chat with nonsense. The community servers can have lower populations, but the admins will abuse their powers and can just command explosives right into their inventory.

This game is a ton of fun, but when there is a better way to have your shit protected, then it will be more fun and feel less like a waste of time and effort.

You can play it alone on a PvE server, but PvP ohh... thats a lot different story. You need people for that, otherwise your just fucked. Would be nice to get a group together.

I'm down to group up with some people!

Add me on steam andrew4351

Skype: Andrew.isaac.


Ok, so i picked up the game and put in some hours. It seems like a lot of fun, though pistol is right i've tried american pvp servers and disliked them immediately. I've since been playing on the official Belgian server, and that seems like a lot less a-hole poppulated. I think if we group up most servers would be playable.

Add me on steam (sevestra) or razer comms (sevestra), Skype only on request.
I've also set up a ts server: ip: sevestra.nl   pw: tek1

Ok I found a server (don't want to be using up Decrytzor's slots :p) that you guys can join me on. Looking forward to some group play!


Tried joining but keep getting error, see below for another server

Sorry, i forgot to open the port. It's fixed now.

ip: sevestra.nl   pw: tek1

3 of us are playing on: [EU] NOOBS WELCOME (PVp/SLEEP)