Looking for RPG's - Story drive with impactful decisions

I'm looking for fix until the next episode of Walking Dead Season 2 or The Wolf Among Us comes out. Besides Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, some examples of the types of games I'm looking for would be Mass Effect 1 or ME2 (excluding 3 for obvious reason), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, KoTOR 2: Sith Lords, etc. Any other suggestions for story-driven games where decisions make a huge impact?

I HIGHLY recommend The Witcher 2!!! Great writing along with a great story. Also a similar decision system to that of Mass Effect.

It sorta feels like Mass Effect but stands on its own two feet.

I'm assuming the story of the Witcher ties in with the Witcher 2? If so, I still need to finish the first one. I wasn't a huge fan of the gameplay, and I hadn't quite gotten to a point where I started to see the impact of any decisions I may have made, but I will give it another shot.

Dragon Age 1 and 2 (1 is a bit better)

A third installment called DA: Inquisition is on its way too.

It was also developed by bioware, so many things will be familiar if you liked mass effect. (decision trees, variety of characters and thier backgrounds, oh and did i mention sex sex sex?)

ME3 got a lot better after they patched the unsatisfying ending. The ending was pretty epic imo, and it ties the trilogy together very nicely now. Unless there's any other reason you dont like it, id give it a shot.

Everybody's going to say Witcher (1,2 upcoming 3 doesn't matter). But there are more that were released pre 2007.


Gothic 1,2,3 (not 4 Arcania)

Sacred (kinda linear)

Fable: Lost Chapters 



Warcraft 3 (if you haven't played the campaign)

and WItcher (this game has many choices, doesn't tell you anything about them, but later you will find out)


Old games can have good graphics.



Dragon Age sounds up my ally. I will probably get the Ultimate Edition. I've like more or less every BioWare game I've played, but I've notice a decline in quality of late. I'm hoping Inquisition will be some sort of redemption - I'd really hate to get heavily invested in yet another great series just to have the writing half-assed to meet a deadline.

I still can't stand ME3 and I did play the Extended Cut - if you followed The Indoctrination Theory that was hinted throughout the series, it could have been one of the greatest plot twists ever. Changing the ending from horrible to a "meh" at best still leaves me highly disappointed in it. I will give it credit for the gameplay improvements, but that was secondary to the epic story for me. I was HEAVILY invested. I didn't know of the indoctrination theory right off the bat, but I knew something was way off during the last 20 minutes or so of gameplay (in fairness, I didn't play Arrival DLC)

Anyway, Thanks for the recommendation. I've heard good things about Dragon Age (also that the first was better, but as long as 2 is still pretty good, I don't mind), but never got around to playing it for some reason.

Gothic looked interesting, but I'm not a big retro-gamer. I might grab it if it goes on sale at GoG. I've played Fable: The Lost Chapters already, and that isn't was in-depth as I would like, but it was pretty good. I've also already played Oblivion, and not a big RTS person so Warcraft 3 doesn't peak my interest (I seriously can't beat it the CPU on easy).

Thanks for the recommendations!

Yes, i have high hopes for Inquisition too. Other than better graphics, I am looking forward to the new narrative to bring awesomeness back to what was DA1. Supposedly the maps are also going to be huge and really open.

DA2 fell a little short in my book since you spend all game wondering around the same city and its outskirts. The gameplay is good, but the plot just doesn't compare to the first game. I dont want to completely turn you off to it, but just giving a little preview.

One difference I forgot to mention between DA and ME is that DA has a much richer lore. You could spend quite a while just reading through all the texts and books you find detailing the history and features of the world. If you enjoy sifting through these kinds to fully immerse yourself in a game then you will enjoy DA even more.

Sudeki is a great game even though Brits tried to copy Japanese animemation what i read, even though the game can be a tad scary for me since i played it when i was younger. Fable The Lost Chapters IS A FREAKING GOOD GAME. have fun trying to find a copy of Sudeki you gotta have to steal it though since the game is nearly dead.  

ignore the stealing sudeki part i didnt know it went onto steam 


I hardly think of it as stealing. I'm just borrowing a copy - literally. :P But I may look into it. 

Thanks for the recommendations guys. Seriously

You might need a controller, because the first 30 minutes of the game will be hard with the keyboard.

I think gothic can go up to 1080 so it will have decent graphics, but be aware that gothic 1 was meant to be played with keyboard.


If you want decent RPG i might add Enclave,Jade Empire, pretty much all the Star Wars games.

Deus Ex Human Revolution, Fallout New Vegas/3, The Witcher 2

Honestly, I played the first and never finished it. Also I watched all the cutscenes on youtube and trust me, you're not missing much. All you need to know is that Geralt lost his memory and is looking to recover it.

By all means. Start with the second game.

Vampire: The Masquerade -Bloodlines

Alan Wake (Sort of)

Tomb Raider


@Nerodante - Well, I gave the first one a second shot, and I actually really like so far. I know Geralt lost his memory, but the story is getting pretty deep so far. I feel like I need to keep my own personal journal to keep track of what's going on.

@Kat - I've played Bloodlines, but haven' t beaten it. I will probably give it a replay. I wanted to see if there was continuation from Redemption, but that game is just too dated for me, so I may just jump right into it. Also liked Tomb Raider, but that was way more action, and practically no RPG, so not exactly what I'm looking for. I'll give Alan Wake (sort of :P) a look.