Looking for reliable free anti virus software

Hey like the title says im looking for a free reliable anti virus software for windows, I really don't have the money to splurge on Norton Security or anything so I came here hoping that somebody will let me know if there is anything good out there that is free. 

In advance: Thanks for helping *insert your name*, I will look into *insert free anti virus software name* and once again thanks.  

This is my favourite one.

Sorry, I can't give you a genuine answer because I don't use antivirus. I'll be moving to Linux soon, which makes antivirus even less needed, maybe this is a viable option for you?

Microsoft Security Essentials should be enough to get you by, as long as you don't do stupid things, but that goes for most any antivirus programs in general.

I just use Avira Antivir Free Version and I couple it with Super AntiSpyware. No slow downs whatsoever, and I haven't had a virus in a whole lotta years lol. Plus, like mentioned Jeol, just don't do stupid things online and you're golden

Malwarebytes and super anti spyware are both decent, and they don't do much in the background

But, as said by others, common sense is really all you need

Do yourself a favour and get Avira antivirus, its free and it much better than the majority of paid AV.  It uses windows firewall in conjunction with itself to no need to download a free firewall service as well.  Keep using malwarebytes as well for the ocassional scan.  

Here is a comparison between all the antivirus protection serivces:


as you can see avira holds its own.  

Thanks guys! I have had my new computer for a couple of months now but just thought I should get some anti virus software just as a precaution.

another good hint don't use IE get Firefox or chrome and get the app no script and ad blocker.

FYI: norton is horrible, it decreases system performance by around 30%. (tested in several games)