Looking for recommendations on running a Personal Knowledgebase

Hey Level1 Community,

I’m in a position (like most of us here) that I am the go to “tech guy” for friends, family and co-workers. So I have an endless stream of disorganized notes and photos from computer builds, repairs, home projects, tech projects, etc. that I have done over the years for myself and others. I would like to organize them all into a repository of some type.

Along with builds and repairs that I’ve done, I’d love to be able to record other things like setting up certain server configurations, and even mundane things from around the house, like installing water arrestors or a sump-pump I just replaced. I know that seems a little weird, but if I ever had to do any of it all over again, I wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Also, when something inevitably breaks, having reference photos of a build that I’ve done might help me remotely troubleshoot the issue or walk someone through checking on things.

I would likely be looking for something that is self-hosted that I can throw on an already running server. A searchable, personal Wikipedia is just about what I image it would look like.

So my question is… Has anyone here run a knowledge-base for themselves or even a small business that could share:

  1. How they went about it and what they’re using it for.
  2. What software they are using (it would have to be something readily available and not proprietary. Also I’m not opposed to paying a one-time fee for something worth-while although my use-case wouldn’t really warrant a subscription type model).
  3. How they host it whether it be a docker, snap, whole VM, etc.
  4. Why you choose that software over something else (negative experiences with other software is welcome too.)

I appreciate all your feedback and look forward to discussing.


I use Bookstack as knowledge-base at work. It’s hosted on one of our internal servers in a docker container. It was chosen because it’s simple, supports markdown, and has lots of nifty features such as re-using page content.


Very intuitive. I’m exploring their demo page now. The nomenclature by breaking down things into shelves books and chapters is a little weird. But I could easily see that as a Technology Shelf, Home Project Shelf, Automotive Shelf, Work Procedures Shelf, etc. Then into the separate books like someone’s build, different servers, home plumbing, home electrical projects. Then chapters and so on. It’s a interesting concept. I might even load it up in a docker and take it for a spin to see if I like it.