Looking for Recommendations for My Sister's New Laptop

So, my sister fried her old Asus laptop throwing a glass of water on it. We are not sure if it's alive or not but anyway, that laptop was 6 years old and it was time to upgrade.
My sister is what you could consider a normal user: web browsing, office work, blablabla, she's not a gamer per se but she sometimes plays very lightweight games (think of Binding of Isaac or Tasty Planet and you'll get the idea). She's looking for:

  1. A 15 inch screen
  2. Backlit keyboard
  3. She doesn't use the optical drive
  4. She wants a metallic body, not plastic
  5. She's aiming for an i5/i7, if it's i7 better, with really good performance, she wants to have it for at least 5 or 6 years. Minimum of 8GBs Ram (if it's DDR4 better) and an SSD (she's not worried about filling that SSD, she has side external HDD for all her storage.
  6. Budget is 1000 to 1500 euros

I suggested her to look for Asus, Dell or Gigabyte laptops. Remember, links from Europe (and if they can be from Spain better, we usually shop in PcComponentes or sites like that).
Thank you guys!

Whats your budget?

Dell xps 15.


Oh shit I thought I had put it here but I made a copy/paste of some reddit post I made.

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Yeah that's what I told her to buy, the cheapest one or the second cheapest one and call it a day.

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I second this.


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I'll also recommend the XPS 15. Or the XPS 13 if shes not bothered about the graphics card.

Keep in mind there smaller than standard because there's no bezel.

Also there's two type a 56Wh and 97Wh. If you need all the power you can get, get a 97Wh one. (they are up-gradable and replaceable. Also the 56Wh ones have a space for another driver that's why some have an ssd and hdd, you can replace these with a after market 97Wh one by using up all the space and having one drive.

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I'm with the others, Dell XPS 15 laptops are great, I've suggested to anyone looking for high-quality machines without all the frills that come with other brands.