Looking for Recommendations (epic electronic music)

I love orchestral music, especially when it's heavy, high tempo, epic, or triumphant and driven by a great melody. I've been searching for electronic music that captures the same magic, but I haven't had much luck. I'd be grateful for any recommendations.

I'm looking for electronic music with this kind of energy and epicness:

Some nice selections there. Just curious, being "Ceres" - what do you think of The Planets by Holst?

Electronic compositions to expand your mind, not bludgeon it to catatonia with endless thumping beats.... sir, for your consideration:

Hopefully you find some new notes and spaces in there, I'm off now to listen to Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues, wash it back with some Absolut.

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Have a listen to Overwerk. I think there is a certain classical inspiration in his music.

Here is a selection
Overwerk - Toccata
Overwerk - Canon
Overwerk - Exist
Overwer - Create
Overwerk - Winter

An of course there is Tiesto - Adagio for Strings which is a cover of Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings. I also think some of the same inspiration is in Tiesto - Elements of Life.

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I love them, especially Mars. I'll check out all of your recommendations right now. Thanks a lot!

Any time, start with Vangelis, I think...

Thanks. These are all good. I actually like that cover more than the original.

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It's hard to recommend electronica to a person without playing different sounds and gauging your physical responses. But I'll shoot a shotgun blast at you and let me know if any of this does anything for you.
This song gets the blood pumping.

Liquid stranger fills my head with flashes of some crazy dystopian post-apocalyptic rebels vs extinction crazyness.

BT is the man. Period.

Kubbi is epic. There is magic in his music.

These are just broad strokes. Let me know if you like anything particular about any of this.


If you have access to a quality passionate dj that loves enslaving his victims with quality beats that would be your best bet for finding your favorite electronica types. This is just kind of a guessing game without reading your body language.

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Savant is insane. He's made thousands of tracks. He's bound to have something you enjoy.




Hell yeah. I LOVE pegboard nerds. I blast badboi in the car when it's time to haul ass through traffic.


When it comes to energy i can't seem to look past arome. But you'll probably hate it

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Two Steps from Hell.


I enjoyed everything about that one except the vocals. It has a really nice melody.

This one was kind of boring. It was nice and heavy, but not very dynamic. I got bored pretty quickly and not much changed.

I really like the music, but the rap ruined it for me.

This is my second favorite (after the first one). I liked the ebbs and flows.

Okay, it sounds like you are not into vocals. What about random vocal samples? Here's some required listening for all electronica fans.

Arguably the most well known electronica song

This was the hit when I was a kid

This is still awesome to this day. There is also a sexy version of this video

Nothing much to say. Just another classic

Not required viewing, but i cri evry tiem

People often ask for songs without the vocals so you could also do that if you like a song well enough.

I'm going to add this one in for giggles. I'll post some more as they come to mind.

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I like all of those, but wouldn't add any to my collection (except maybe Sandstorm, but that could be because I was a big fan of The Axe Murderer). Your TheFatRat recomendation earlier was great. I'm listening to their other songs on YouTube and loving it.

I'm learning a lot about my preferences by listening to all these recommendations, so thanks again.

Cool. I'm glad you like some of it. Kubbi and BT are most certainly worth some additional research imo. The Bt song was a (feat. Who ever) song. I'm not into his style so much but it's just quality music and it's usually just noise without vocals.

I'll just throw another volley and see what sticks


Fair warning: This song is about getting sexual pleasure from bass thumping. Simplistic, but it injects instant energy while I'm jogging.

This one is kinda dubsteppy epic-ish

Here's some delicious evil

Here's some weird for the sake of weird Marilyn Manson type junk. I don't listen to it but I figured I would mention it.

Dubstep with video games mixed in

This is my set it and forget it workout mix. Feint is also one of my favorites.

Chiptune. Make sure to check out more of chip club if you like chiptune.

This one is just campy https://youtube.com/watch?v=cNAdtkSjSps

Feel free to ask me any more questions. But I'm done randomly picking my brain. Good luck with your search.


Here something that you may like.

This is more Renaissance Epic than Electronic Epic but it has some Electronic in it.

Renaissance Epic.

If you have played OSU or seen OSU you may have heard of this song of being very difficult to play.

ps. I have a Cytus hard on.

Oh snap! You play osu?

No I don't but have seen gameplay of it and know a bit about it.

Dang. It's super fun if you like rhythm games. Especially when you get a drawing tablet to replace your mouse.