Looking for recommendation on mainboard for linux build

Hi all,

im looking into upgrading into my now 8 y old pc.

The cpu is a FX 8350 and Served me very well.
My graphic card is a 1080 that was a bit under-budget and is falling apart.

So im looking into a new core build with graphics card.
Im using linux since 2018 and i removed all wintrash from my system.

Im thinking about a 6 core amd cpu with a amd rx 6800 xt.

The reason im here is, what kind of mainboard should i get. I could choose one purely from specs.
So i would like to hear everyones experience with mainboards regarding linux use and installation.

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

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You will probably have a hard time getting an RX 6800 XT, so I would suggest hanging on to the 1080 card for your build until you can get your hands on one.

So the same goes for AMD CPUs: the Ryzen 5000 series being rare. Consequently the 3000 series also seems mostly sold out. Will you then go for a 2000 series Ryzen? If you can’t quite wait, Intel still has some good options of course.

It’s hard to recommend a board just like that too though, depending on your budget and expectations. B450 based boards seem to be a good middle ground option if you don’t need an absolute beast. Then moving up, B550 gives you PCIe 4.0 which is still somewhat overkill but nice to have for gaming. X570 boards look also quite appealing.

Usually it’s down to what features you want, like number of USB ports, SATA ports, number of NVME drives you can hook up, LAN speed, WiFi or no Wifi, audio output features, number of PCI slots you need… and overclocking which gets real expensive, though I doubt that’s your case.

Perhaps a pre-built would get you the AMD hardware you want.

Keep the 1080 as long as you can, especially being a quiet F-U. to Jensen +Co.

While the current/fresh-off-wafer CPUs are effectively SOL, you could always backpedal to a lower gen Ryzen chip, as the holdover. Your memory speed wouldn’t get fully utilized then, but would well be ready, for when you move on up to the intended CPU.

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