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Looking for reading sources

I’m looking for places to read about new technologies, protocols, and important things in the technology world. In a recent video, Wendel talked about multipath TCP. I am wondering, without knowing about the technology beforehand, where do you go to find out about these things? Thanks!

You are on good track already.

Since my brain is currently at certain place (I’m still doing something that I planned to have finished last week), I will answer with humor (at least at this state):

So you have three strategies: push, pull, produce (each is supplementary and more or less equal to others).


  1. Subscribe to either: YouTube/Twitch/Twitter/…/blog/forum/…/OnlineCourse/…/university/coffee machine.
  2. Filter (both knowledge, and its sources)

Let the knowledge come to you (some times just a name of something within a specific context that it makes interesting for you).
The coffee machine is important as usually it is contention point at which seemingly random information is being exchange.


  1. You google for specific name.
  2. Filter (both knowledge, and its sources)

And you might find new references and explanations.

You extend your own knowledge by producing something from you existing knowledge. E.g. by trying to use some technology you might discover that it is a BS solution and stop using it unless nothing better is known.

And in reality the answer is combination of all of them and consistence/continuity.

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