Looking for Q87 Motherboard

After a period of about 7 years I am looking to build a white box for virtualization training. That said and for what I read on the web (see this article http://www.servethehome.com/intel-z87-q87-q85-h87-b85-pch-differences-explored/ ), I will be focusing on the Q87 chipset for my virtualization rig, since it tends to come with more business oriented features. Also I will be using a Haswell i7 CPU with virtualization technology on it, since I don't want to raise the utility bill by much.

I already have an Switch 810 case and I was planning to drop a full ATX mobo on it. But looking around for choices it is very hard to find an ATX mobo with a Q87 chipset. All the few choices I could find come mostly in micro-ATX and I am a bit concern that I won't have plenty of room to play with in case I need to start adding expansion cards.

So, I was about to finally decide to go for this motherboard: ASRock Q87M vPro, when I found this other mobo online from a company I never heard before:

BCM BC87Q at this site: http://www.bcmcom.com/bcm_product_BC87Q.htm

If someone can shed some light into this I will really appreciate it...



Unofrtunatly i dont know that brand either, but if i look at that board, i see that it looks like it does has alot of connectivity. but about the quality i cannot realy, say a thing.

Asus Q87M-E, or the Asus CS-B, are also 2 options to look at. or indeed the Asrock Q87M vPro.