Looking for people to play with

Hello all! I have very few friends that play pc games seeing as they're all too squeamish to make the big jump from consoles. Meeting people to play with in servers is usually pretty hard so since we're all mostly like minded individuals it would be cool to meet up and play some games. I already own too many games on pc so finding games to play shouldn't be too hard.

My steam name is count dankula (f3asttree1) so if you wanna check my library and see what we can match up in feel free!

edited to include actual name.

There are loads of Count Dankula named people on Steam. Which one are you?

If we are all like minded individuals then we all like computers, gaming, and being antisocial people who are awkward (or just don't like) strangers. It's matter of who's gonna make the first step to actually be a "friend." it's easy to add someone but to actually talk to them and play with them, that is something entirely different.

Kind of makes one wonder how online multiplayer ever made it.

You don't really have to interact with the people in your team....

Can confirm. Source: me, playing an MMORPG alone.

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Yea, YOU RIGHT. I am pretty awkward. It would just be nice to not play with randoms and maybe hope to have an active chat going so it at least feels like I'm not sitting at my desk all day by myself lol.

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f3asttree1 doesn't show up on Steam...

Not quite sure why, those two names are my display and account name.

What types of games do you play?

I remember back when I first started in PC gaming (2005/2006ish) talking to people over voice chat was no big deal and was quit easy, now its like pulling teeth to get people to try and talk to you.

I don't have very many friends to play with either. My steam is 0bsidian.

same name/picture as here


Can you post a direct link to your profile so I can add you? f3asttree1 doesn't show up.

If anyone wants to play something that I have in my library, feel free to add me.