Looking for people to play games with

Hi guys,

As of recently, I fully switched to pc gaming, but since all my friends are ignorant and still play on console, I haven't got many people to play with.

I like to play games like:
Battlefield 3
GTA IV (and V when it releases for pc)
Portal 2
Trine 2

And many more. I have a well-filled steam library, so there are probably some games we could play together.

If you're interested to play some games with me, add me on steam: joppetie 

You add me because I have not purchased any games on Steam and they don't allow people with no games in their library to add friends. I have hard copies though. My steam name is thewhitestigvk.

I'm Armypig on Steam. Feel free to add me.


I'm CaptHowdy99 on steam so feel free to add me and I have some of the games that you just listed.

Im adding you

4th thread down... BTW here are some people who are lonely and looking for someone to play with *giggles*





Hey good news! WE have a thread dedicated for this!!!!!


Post your profile here if you're that desperate.

Thread locked.