Looking for people to play DayZ with

I've been playing quite a bit of dayz lately, and it's been getting a little boring playing solo. Also everytime I find someone to meet up with I either get killed by them (not surprising) or they don't have a mic and it is just a hassle. So I'm wondering if anyone from the forums has been playing and wants to get a group together to play once in a while. 

I'll put my steam name below!

Greatest Ape

(same as on here). 

if you want to add me on steam i like to play a game of dayz now and again

name is same as here

I'm only just getting dayz having picked it up in the steam summer sales. I play every now and again. names m1lga71on if you want to add me. 

I'm in. I'm Armypig on steam.


I play a fair amount of DayZ. Though, I have to be careful of my internet usage this month, before we upgrade to unlimited.

Can we all be the bestest bandits evawr?

I played a lot of DayZ...Now I'm more into DayZ Origens, and Arma III. I will gladly give it another try.

Northwolfecnd on Steam.


I sent everybody who responded a request on steam! 

I play sometimes. Name is kevindavid3

I didn't get a request ;(

Oh sorry Berserker, is it the same name? 


- nevermind I found you! :)

Normal DayZ has become to much death match with all the wanna-be bandits running around killing on sight. I'd be more online for DayZ Origins.

I like to play all the variations, especially overwatch lately. I'd be down for whatever you guys prefer. 

I just created a little group for getting people together to play, I'll send an invite to everyone who posted a screen name!

Got it. I might be unable to play for a week or more. However, I will be getting the standalone, I'll be happy to continue playing.

Wating for stand alone before going back to DayZ, it just to much of a PVP deathmatch now. 

Apparently, for some reason, I cannot play DayZ on Steam (always gives me a lot of error messages, and blocked servers). Would I find you guys using "DayZ Commander"?

I'm using dayz commander too Nord, there is a friend function on there but I haven't tried it out. I think the best way to play together is just message through steam and then join through commander maybe. 

i'm always up for DayZ, game is just terrible if you play by yourself =(.